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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gawd I love Eric & Sookie..can't wait to see how this unfolds & how different it may be from the books. 1 More month..I think I can make it

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is there anyone who isn't glad Lafayette made it through the first season? That has to be the greatest change Alan Ball made from the books..Love me some Lafayette! Not in the same way I love me some Vikiing, but that's all lust-related..Lafayette is the best friend everybody wants around for pure entertainment. We have talked this whole sitch to the fuck did Bill have time to get a dress & ring after killing the menaed? Glad somebody's starting to ask some questions! I was starting to think Bon Temps was just some redneck town in Louisiana ;-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So to Recap: A coffee pot of blood..a VILF poster..and now 2 watercoolers-1 of water/1 of blood. Hmmm..they're trying to support Mainstreaming? Offices across America will welcome the Vamps & even keep TruBlood on Tap!! Does anyone else think the Advertising dude needs to be replaced? We want to see hot shots of the Vamps..not multiple blood container pics. WTF HBO? Where is your understanding of your audience?
We want Sexy/Slutty Skars!! I swear to god..if next weeks poster is of a bottle/can of any sort...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sorry I got this out so late..I horred around on Blogs all day & actually semi-cleaned my house *gasp* I know-right, total waste of time. I'm sure everyone was busy with family & all the Easter maybe you shouldn't have been oogling hot guys anyway on a religious holiday..You're all going to burn in Hell!! **see ya there-got a pre-paid ticket**But hey-think of it as a bonus, it will brighten up an otherwise dreary Monday morning right? Since the Fuckers at HBO probably won't throw us an Askars bone anytime soon **just can't say Askars/bone in the same sentence without an involuntary snicker** All the little sneeze promos will probably revolve around every other character except the Viking-You'll have to console yourselves with any/all Skarsporn we can get our hands on!! Here's a few to start you off you deviants ;-)

Wanna join me in the hedges? I brought a blanket & Tequila!!

"Fuck You Tom Cruise..Maverick's a Pussy"

So I hear you're lookin for a new Daddy?

Correction: Woman..I don't share Lover


Serious Fucking Hand Porn

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The people at HBO/True Blood are really being assholes about this.
15-20 seconds of almost nothing is seriously killing me. At least with Eclipse we got 1 1/2 minutes of nothing. Okay-that's harsh..but a disappointing 1 1/2 minutes-better? I guess I'm just a complete video/promo hoor and need something juicier..something meaty to satisfy me until I get a full 60 mins of my sex-on-a-stick Viking. We have so much anticipation & expectations for Season 3..I really hope they don't blow their wad and disappoint all of us. I realize there must be 1-2 Bill Lovers still in existence..(you may want to rewatch S1/S2 multiple times & masturbate furiously prior to watching Season 3) sorry ladies, but he's going to be exposed for the fuckface he is disappoint/shock the fuck out of you more than waking up next to Askars & finding out he has a vagina. What the hell am I saying?! Nothing would be more disappointing than that!! Blasphemy. Love you Askars! We have no reason to believe you have a Vajayjay!! Promise!!

Okay-so does anyone give a shit about Tara & her Thug Vamp Franklin? I myself do not. I've read the books so I know what happened there-but Alan Ball tends to fuck the books in the it could be a whole new story..Episode "AB's Fuckery formerly known as Southern Vampire Mysteries" Good Riddance Eggs..your storyline of Meat Orgies/Egg Licking/Carving people was just a little distasteful to me. *pause* Distasteful? LOL..what a dumb-ass choice of words..(I'm not sure anything can qualify as distasteful to me-I live on the edge of appropriateness daily) Boring/Stupid is probably better-I just didn't like you dude. You sir-are no Lafayette..that man has a personality. I like Tara-but that's probably cuz she's Sassy & has lots of attitude. I respect that in a

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm glad today's over & nobody played any tricks on me. I did of course lol..but nobody tried anything on ME. And I'm okay with that.

Season 3 of True Blood is starting to give us alot of teasers to get excited about. I'll reserve my judgement about Alcide until after I see how he's projected in the Series. We all know it's going to start sexing  heating up with Eric & Sookie..sooo looking forward to!!

And of course, the "Anna Paquin is Bi" reveal. Really? Is that even an issue anymore? I just wish her happiness whatever she enjoys...hope SM is up for some mud wrestling...things could get very interesting :-)

 Doesn't get any hotter than you think I should do cornrows?

Monday, March 29, 2010

I get up at 5 am everyday for work. 5 hours sleep is perfect for me to feel alert & functional. On the weekends, I troll around on all my favorite blogs & search out any/all interesting new True Blood/Twilight news (that I haven't already gotten in an email/tweet/blog. So I went to bed around 2 am last night-as usual-and as I laid down, I realized I hadn't set my alarm-which is mandatory if I need want to get up anytime before noon. So I had the lazy bright idea to set the alarm on my new blackberry *that I have no idea how to use yet* and that's what I did.

When my son woke me up at 12:45, after bellowing like a wounded bear and cussing about the piece of shit alarm not going off..I saw that I had "all notifications off" which in my mind meant the 200 tweets I get at all hours of the day/night..NOT my alarm..Fuck Me-right? So fine-my day is fucked & is already half over by the time I dragged *literally because my back was all jacked up from too much sleep* my butt downstairs for some coffee before I started my myriad of boring-ass chores home beautification projects for the day.

So aforementioned Mama Bear makes her coffee & reaches into the fridge for the final component of milk...AND THERE IS NONE. I don't know about any of you dear people..but I have very few requirements in my life at this point. 1) Coffee in large quantities-mandatorily first thing in the morning 2) Hot Vampires at all hours of the day 3) Really just #1 & #2. I'm a pretty easy chick to please-but I digress..back to my complete meltdown...

Like any other level-headed person (read: pissed off ogre who got 2 days sleep & now has no fucking coffee) I stomped upstairs *to deal with other TMI issues you don't really want to hear about-but I NEEDED to take a shower but refused to delay my coffee that much longer* I changed my clothes..grumbled incoherently at all children uncouth enough to even try to talk to me in this state..and stormed out the door. Since I knew there was also no food in the house, I went ahead and did the weekly grocery shopping, because I HATE GROCERY I felt no need to make another trip in the afternoon & add to my general pissiness.

When I got home at 3 PM...yes 3 Pee Em IN THE AFTERNOON..I opened the garage children..started carrying in the children..son on the children helping..emptied the entire car..still no children..started putting the groceries away & realized one of the milk cartons was already opened!! My Oldest son somehow had snuck downstairs..poured cereal & snuck back upstairs without asking if I needed help or perhaps seeing all the bags scattered throughout the kitchen--putting something away? Oh no-his highness hadn't had his cereal yet..Son of a Bitch..if that wasn't just the icing..I STILL HADN'T HAD COFFEE AT 3 PM!!! And can you guess who finished the milk in the first place?! That same precious child. If I have ranted as parents know it's been more like a thousand is for coffee in the morning.

At this point I probably slipped into a medical coma from the blood pressure spike..It's all kind of a blur..but then I did finally have my coffee (+5 other cups)& slowly turned into the wonderful human being that I am today. Now what the hell is this post about? OH yeah..why I'm still awake..I think I did mention that I already got tonight's sleep in yesterday..which means I can spend the night looking for new Skarsporn & Robporn..which in my book is a night well spent!!

 Hey Sexy..How YOU doin..I can't sleep any ideas what we could do to entertain ourselves?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yeah-I know, who the hell wants to go back to work tomorrow?! I surely don't..but as a consolation, we got another tiny teaser for season 3-granted it didn't have even a glimpse of Askars sweet ass his hotness..but a glimpse nonetheless. So since you all feel cheated, I felt obligated to amp up your libidos one last time before the new week starts. I'm a giver..I give you your weekly Pornskar Sunday pics-Enjoy:

Wasn't expecting this one to have Sam..someone was speculating on Pam..I have no idea what to make of this..anyone?

Bring on the Sexy!!!

SEASON 3 IS COMING!!! Stock up on snacks/bibs/batteries..get your fellow Truebies together and get ready for the ride!! Make sure you send your S/O somewhere do NOT want him to see the meltdown you and your friends are going to have over Eric "The Ridiculously Fuckhawt Viking" Northman that you are destined to have this Season!! And don't even think about Season 4...there won't be a dry couch in the Country. Plastic furniture is bound to make a comeback...thanks Eric-appreciate that one *horrid furniture is a small price to pay for weekly Skarsporn*

Season 3, Episode 1: Pack of Wolves

Original Air Date-June 13, 2010


Season 3, Episode 2: Beautifully Broken

Original Air Date-June 20, 2010


Season 3, Episode 3: It Hurts Me Too

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Season 3, Episode 4: 9 Crimes

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Season 3, Episode 5: Trouble

Original Air Date- July 18, 2010


Season 3, Episode 6: What Do You Know About Love

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Season 3, Episode 7: Hit the Floor

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Season 3, Episode 8: Pending

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Season 3, Episode 9: Pending

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Season 3, Episode 11: Pending

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Season 3, Episode 12: Pending

Original Air Date- September 12, 2010